Paul Woods
Visual Artist

Revolution! 1916 - Public Art Trail. Artistic responses to the 1916 Rising


The painting Hibernia is a tribute to Irish women of the time and the role that some of these women played in the Rising. The statue of Hibernia itself sits aloft the G.P.O to this day. It is a patronising symbol of British imperialism. On the statue itself are depicted female members of Cumann na Mban marching. Bottom left and right depicts Irish women working in the 3 munitions factories in Ireland. Top left and right illustrates the poverty of many Irish women at that time. This is clearly shown in the top right with women gathering firewood and top left displaying the many Irish women that were forced to work as prostitutes. This painting portrays the many roles that women played both supporting and opposing British rule in Ireland.

The women of Kildare rallied to the cause; as members of Cumann na Mban, like Katie Beattie, delivering messages and despatches; nurses like Eva Burke: and separation women struggling at home, whose husbands, fathers, brothers and sons fought and died at the front.




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